Stephen Day

Artist Statement

  Ladies and vehicles are the main subjects of my artwork, because I admire their beauty and I want other people to appreciate it as much as I do. I first started drawing cars as a kid, after my mom took me to a car show and I saw so many flashy shiny cars; I had never seen anything like them. Then I got my hands on a “Lowrider” magazine that had a beautiful woman in a bikini and high heals on the cover, and she was standing next to a brightly colored car. I went home and drew the car, and everyone told me how good my drawing was. I have been drawing cars ever since. I always go through the same process of drawing the bumper first, then the body, then the pattern, and the wheels have to go on last. Sometimes I have to start this process over and over before I finish the car, because it has to be just right. Then, when the car frame is all perfected, I add the paint job with color pencils. My favorite car to draw is what I call the “Joker Car.” It is a lowrider with checkerboard pattern and flowing stripes along the sides. I have drawn this car so many times now over the years that now I do it from memory, and I don’t have to look at the magazine. I draw clouds and the sun in the sky over my cars, because it has to be a sunny nice day for a car show. When I decide to draw a woman next to a car, I think she is the trophy. Pretty ladies like to get their pictures taken by vehicles, and they wear boots and high-heals to be fancy. It turns out fancy how I draw it. Lately I have been drawing more women because I like to look at them so much. My goal is to become even better at drawing ladies and cars, and selling more of my work; this gives me confidence and money to buy more “Lowrider” magazines.

Group Exhibitions

2017 Inside Insight, Good Shepherd Gallery, Ferguson MO

Stephen’s Selected Portfolio