Hosea Green 

Artist Bio and Statement

I was born in 1974 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. I grew up with foster parents and attended Missouri School for the Blind. I did some art while in school such as painting and collaging paper. Now as an adult attending Fine Line Studios I’ve been introduced to many different art materials and I have made some great friends. For me, artwork is less about the end result and more about the act of drawing, the experience, and the process of creation.

I like listening to music and talking with friends while drawing, but it is also important that I spend some time just focusing on creating without interruption. Large sheets of paper are easier to work with because it gives me plenty of room to create without worrying about going over the edges of the paper. I like to make big marks to feel the edges of the paper, and then I concentrate on focused areas. I don’t really enjoy using stencils because it limits where I can make marks. I use drawing materials that I can easily feel on paper or can smell like scented markers, pastels, and pencils. Although I am unable to see my finished work I am satisfied with hearing my peers tell me what my art looks like.

Group Exhibitions

2019 Out Of My Comfort Zone, St. Charles MO

Beauty in Diversity: The Human Experience Through Their Eyes, Good Shepherd Art Center, Ferguson MO

          Recent Works by the Artists at Fine Line Studios, St. Louis Artists’ Guild, St. Louis MO

2018 Everything Blue II, Soulard Art Gallery, St. Louis MO

2017 Reclaim, St. Louis Artists’ Guild, St. Louis MO

          Inside Insight, Good Shepherd Gallery, Ferguson MO

2016 Into the Wild, Soulard Art Gallery, St. Louis MO

Hosea’s Selected Portfolio