Ayanna parker


Artist Statement

I draw the things I like – food packaging, my favorite foods, fashion, outfits, and dolls. Some of my drawings can be seen in my most recent piece, Dance Party. This piece is about all of the things that I like coming together to dance and have fun. There’s pizza, a fish woman, a candy cane with hair, a woman pig doll, a ghost, and a fella. It’s important to me to use my favorite color – blue – in all of my drawings and in my collage. I enjoy using colored pens, found objects, handmade paper, and pieces of my own drawings to make my collages. I enjoy the drawing process the most, then I cut out the best drawings with blue scissors, arrange all of the parts, and use rubber cement to carefully glue everything down exactly in its right place. Before coming to Fine Line Studios I thought I made too many mistakes in my art, and I would throw all of my drawings away. Now I am encouraged to keep my artwork, and cutting out parts of my drawings I like and rearranging different drawings together allows me to make choices about which drawings to keep or throw away. I feel talented when my collages are complete and on display, and I want people to think my artwork is neat.


2019 Beauty in Diversity: The Human Experience Through Their Eyes, Good Shepherd Art Center, Ferguson, MO

2018 Everything Blue II, Soulard Art Gallery, St. Louis MO

          Ceramics Exhibit, Lewis and Clark Branch Library, St. Louis MO

2017 Reclaim, St. Louis Artists’ Guild, St. Louis MO

          Inside Insight, Good Shepherd Art Center, Ferguson MO

Ayanna’s Selected Portfolio