Selena Carter

Artist Statement

I stare at women to study their faces, and then I draw them repeatedly so I remember them. I love to look at the important women in my life because they inspire me to draw. I aim to create the perfect female portrait; for me, it should look like a doll face. Lady faces are my favorite subject to draw and the first thing I learned how to draw. I like to draw the same face over and over again all day long to create an entire series in one day. Each face is similar but slightly different. My process is routine: I draw the shirt first, the head on top of the shoulders, and an ear on each side of the head; next, I draw the eyebrows, two circles for the eyes, and then eyelids and lashes; the lips and hair are my favorite parts to create, and I add them last. I like to draw long, twisty, loopy hair that flows down. Sometimes I add lines to the face - circling around the eyes and making lip-like wrinkles. Once the features are done I fill everything with colors, and then I start again. Repeating the process over and over makes me feel pretty good and calm, and if I draw something new and different, I always go back to drawing lady faces after. I usually draw all of my faces the same size, but I also sometimes enjoy making really small faces and really really big faces. I want people to see my lady faces and smile big from them.

Group Exhibitions

2019 Art is…Giving, Jacoby Arts Center, Alton IL

Dia de Los Muertos, Missouri History Museum, St. Louis MO

Would You Love Me as a Pet, Soulard Art Gallery, St. Louis MO

Pawsome Pals + Furever Friends!, Pieces Board Game Bar and Restaurant, St. Louis MO

Beauty in Diversity: The Human Experience Through Their Eyes, Good Shepherd Art Center, Ferguson MO

          Recent Works by the Artists at Fine Line Studios, St. Louis Artists’ Guild, St. Louis MO

2018 Edge of Excess II, Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles MO

          Ceramics Exhibit, Lewis and Clark Branch Library, St. Louis MO

          Director’ Creativity Showcase, Missouri Mental Health Foundation, Jefferson City MO

2017 Inside Insight, Good Shepherd Gallery, Ferguson MO

Selena’s Selected Portfolio