Roxie Tomek 

Roxie_2019_At Work.png

Artist Statement

I like to draw everyday. I use markers to draw pictures of my favorite zoo animals, girls, old ladies, Elvis, and Disney characters. Sometimes I draw things I don’t like or that I’m scared of, like ghosts and rain clouds. Drinking my morning coffee motivates me to work hard on my drawings and clay sculptures. I learned how to draw elephants by practicing and using an animal drawing instruction book. I think that I will still draw pictures of elephants when I’m an old lady because it makes me happy. My favorite part about creating my baby elephant drawing is screen printing it on T-shirts and I’m so very happy when I see ladies wearing my elephant!

Group Exhibitions

2018 Purrfect Art Exhibition, Pieces Board Game Bar and Restaurant, St. Louis MO

          Ceramics Exhibit, Lewis and Clark Branch Library, St. Louis MO

2017 Inside Insight, Good Shepherd Gallery, Ferguson MO

Roxie’s Selected Portfolio