Damian Harris 


Artist Statement

Creating artwork is my primary form of expression. Through drawing I am able to tell stories and express my love for people and animals in a way that liberates me. The focus of my work for the past few years has been the human figure because I am by nature a friendly and social person, thriving on interaction. I draw female nudes because I am in awe of the female body, and I draw cats and dogs because everyone likes cute pets. I love to watch cat videos on the internet and recently the idea struck me to blend together the two subjects I like to draw the most: cats and people. This took my work in a new direction of drawing cat heads on human forms. I illustrated “Two Cat People In Love” to express my own desire to one day fall in love. My artwork serves as a way for me to express LOVE. I want to use my talent to show the world there is beauty in all people and living things.

Group Exhibitions

2019 Art is…Giving, Jacoby Arts Center, Alton IL

Pawsome Pals + Furever Friends!, Pieces Board Game Bar and Restaurant, St. Louis MO

2018 Purrfect Art Exhibition, Pieces Board Game Bar and Restaurant, St. Louis MO

          Dog Days, Pieces Board Game Bar and Restaurant, St. Louis MO

          Ceramics Exhibit, Lewis and Clark Branch Library, St. Louis MO

2017 Reclaim, St. Louis Artists’ Guild, St. Louis MO

          Poptropolis II, Koken Art Factory, St. Louis MO

          Inside Insight, Good Shepherd Gallery, Ferguson MO

          Director’s Traveling Showcase, Missouri Mental Health Foundation, Jefferson City MO

2016 Living Color, Soulard Art Gallery, St. Louis MO

Damian’s Selected Portfolio