Artist statement

Creature of the Knight

Ceramic sculpture.

Red earthenware clay, metallic glaze, oxidation fired to Cone 4.

7.25" x 3.25" x 5.75" (L x W x H)

Motorcycle Man

Acrylic paint and paint marker.

14" x 11" canvas panel.

yamada's artwork

yamada verges

        I believe that all people should be treated respectfully and with honor like kings and queens, no matter their skin color, looks, or abilities. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. My artwork is a personal narrative, reflecting the strong and healthy relationship I have with my girlfriend, the value I place on our connection, and our mutual respect for one another. I feel that we are rich with love; she is my queen and I am a king. Each piece of art I complete makes me feel even more powerful.

        I use paint markers and draw directly on canvas panels, without reference images or sketching first. My ideas flow from my brain to my hand and onto the canvas panel without interruption. I always start with the character’s faces because they are the most important part, then work my way around them and create the background last. I play around with shapes and fill them in with acrylic paint or paint markers, creating a stylized mosaic-like flat space. I use gold, yellow, and silver to represent royalty and wealth. Each character wears a crown, and sits upon a thrown, worthy of respect.
        It takes a lot of patience and concentration for me to create my artwork, but it is worth it in the end. I am proud of what I create and have accomplished. I want people to recognize my style, and give me the same respect I give to all people. 

Arnold the Mad Man

Ceramic sculpture.

Red earthenware clay, hand built, metallic glaze, smoky merlot glaze, and frosted turquoise glaze; oxidation fired to Cone 4.

5" x 8" x 6.75" (L x W x H)

Two Ninjas

Silkscreen print on paper.

14" x 11" matted.


King and Queen

​Acrylic paint and paint marker.

14" x 18" canvas panel.

Mickey Man

Paint marker on bristol paper.

9" x 12" mounted.

Prince Yugio

Acrylic paint and paint marker.

11" x 14" canvas panel.

Prince and Princess

Acrylic paint and paint marker.

16" x 20" canvas panel.

​​​Creative Services for Adults with Disabilities

A Program of Resources for Human Development