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Day of the Dead Skull

Color pencil and

ink pen on bristol.

14" x 11" framed. 

Featured at the Missouri 

History Museum's Day of the

Dead Celebration in 2016!

        I make my art about many subjects including: landscapes with flowers, bees, hummingbirds, hot air balloons, snakes, and architecture such as museums and St. Louis attractions. When I was a kid I was stung by a bee and I found out I am allergic to them. If I hadn’t gone to the hospital when I did, I could have died. I’ve seen a lot of bees around my daughter’s house, and I draw bees to overcome my fears of them. The same goes for snakes, I am terrified of them. I was hanging up clothes one day on the clothes lines, when I saw a copperhead and I killed it to keep it from biting me and my kids. I like to draw snakes now because I don’t like them at all.  
        The landscape drawings I have done of the St. Louis Arch and riverfront are in memory of my mother and my son. When I look at the arch and the riverfront, I’m looking across the river to where they are buried. I miss them and it makes me sad. When I draw this, I’m reflecting on the thoughts and memories of my loved ones. 

Cats Love Stars In The Sky

Ink pen and color pencil

on bristol.

12" x 9"

Hummingbirds Eating Flowers

Color pencil and ink pen.

11" x 8.5" mounted.

Wanda Eldridge

Keep Out

Color pencil and ink pen.

12" x 9"

Cathedral Basilica

Color pencil and

ink pen.

20" x 16" mounted.

Indian Dancing Mask

With Feathers

Permanent marker

and color pencil

on bristol.

20" x 16"

        I love making artwork! After my mother passed away, my brother showed me artwork that my mother had done when she was alive, and it inspired me to become an artist as well. My brother then taught me how to draw. He helped me draw birds and flowers, and motivated me to become an artist. I believe we get our artistic talent from my mother, and then we passed it down to my grandchildren as well.

       Since coming to Fine Line Studios, I have learned a lot of ways to create art and express myself. I enjoy drawing, painting, sewing, ceramics, and making jewelry. I have gotten a piece of my artwork published in St. Louis magazine, and I have a drawing on display at Busch Stadium's Cardinals Hall of Fame. Making art gives me a sense of accomplishment and I enjoy showing off my artistic skills. 

Artist biography / statement

Colorful KOTA

Color pencil and ink pen.

17" x 14" mounted.

Wanda's Artwork

Bees Love Honey and Flowers

Color pencil and ink pen.

12" x 9" mounted.

Mask for the Ball

Color pencil and

ink pen on bristol.

20" x 16" framed.

St. Louis

Color pencil and


20" x 18" mounted.

Painted Bunting Bird


12.5" x 10" framed.

Featured in "Living Color",
a watercolor exhibit at Soulard Art Gallery. 


Watercolor and ink pen.

14" x 11" matted.

Featured in "Living Color",
a watercolor exhibit at Soulard Art Gallery.