selena's artwork

artist statement

selena carter

        I stare at people to study their faces, and then I draw them repeatedly so I remember them. I love looking at the beautiful ladies in my life, and they inspire me to draw. I draw Shirley, Aunt Rita, Angie, Erin, Cynthia, and myself; I love them. When people look at my artwork, I want them to see pretty ladies, make-up, blue eyes, long hair, red lipstick, and clothes on. I aim to create the perfect female portrait; it should like a doll face.
        Lady faces are my favorite subject to draw, and the first thing I ever learned how to draw. I like to draw faces all day long, drawing the same face over and over again, creating an entire series in one day; each one similar but slightly different. My process for making each face is routine. I draw the shirt first, the head on top of the shoulders, and an ear on each side of the head. Next the eyebrows, two circles for the eyes, and then eyelids and lashes. The lips and hair are my favorite parts to create, and I add them last. I like to draw twisty loopy hair that is long and flows down. After that, sometimes I add lines to the face, circling around the eyes and lips like wrinkles. Once the features are done, I fill everything in with colors, and I prefer to use permanent markers because the colors are good. It doesn’t take me long to fill the drawing in with color, and then I start again.  The lady faces I make look nice and beautiful, and I want people to see them and have big smiles. 

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