Graphite, ballpoint pen, permanent marker, watercolor pencils, and watercolor, on watercolor paper.

11" x 14" matted.

Nicole davis

artist statement

       I like to come to FLS because it is fun. I have many friends here and we go out together to the Science Center, the mall, the zoo, art supply stores, and sometimes bowling. My roommate also comes to FLS, and we are so close now we call each other sisters. 

       While at the studio, I like to draw pictures of myself, other girls and women, my friends, flowers, and cats. I want to make money selling my artwork, but I also like to take my artwork home to show my Dad and my host mom. When people see my art and they like it, it makes me feel good. 

Monster Man

Oil pastel on paper.

11" x 14" matted.

Nicole's artwork

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