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morgan williams

Handmade polymer clay owl pendant on chain with crystal beads.


Africa's Bodyguard

Permanent marker on book page.

9" x 12" mounted.


        As an African American woman, I am inspired by African arts and culture, and I try to connect with my heritage through my art. I first saw African masks during a visit to the St. Louis Art Museum several months ago, and then recently saw Kotas, which are guardian figures, at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation. I find tribal masks to be mysterious, interesting, and enchanting, yet comforting and silly as well. The drawings and paintings of masks I create are a personal interpretation of my cultural roots.
        When sketching masks and planning a painting, I like to play around with facial features and shapes, and experiment with patterns and background designs. In choosing a color scheme, I keep in mind African fabrics and textiles, with bold and vibrant patterns. I like to create repetitive and decorative background designs, suggestive of wallpaper. I aim to make the faces look as though they may jump out at the viewer at any moment, as their eyes stare at you uncomfortably.
        Through this process, I have learned that I strive for perfection in line quality and form, which can be challenging and frustrating. In the end I feel that I have formed my own interpretation of my heritage and my artwork is unique to my style and taste, and that it shows a modern twist with respect to African Art. 


African Frankenstein

Drawing transfer over marker background on bristol paper.

11" x 14" matted.

*Will be featured in Perceptions 2016: The Art of Citizenship at Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, Ireland! September 9 - October 29, 2016.* 

African Monkey

Acrylic paint and paint marker on canvas panel.

11" x 14"


African Inspired

Acrylic paint and paint marker on stretched canvas.

12" x 12"

Nigerian Princess

Acrylic paint and paint marker on stretched canvas.

12" x 12"