Tahliyeah, Tahliyeah

Permanent marker on bristol.

18" x 12" 

Wild Hair

Graphite, ink pen, oil pastel, and watercolor on cold-press watercolor paper.

11" x 14" matted.

Evan and Angie

Oil pastel on paper.

9" x 12"

Artist statement


Permanent marker, ink pen, and watercolor pastel on cold-press watercolor paper.

20" x 24" matted.

Self Portrait

Acrylic paint and marker

on canvas panel.

11" x 14" 

Self Portrait 2017

Color pencil, oil pastel, washable marker, and permanent marker on bristol.

9" x 12"

       I like to come to FLS because it is fun to make art, listen to music, go out, laugh with my friends, and help out around the studio. The staff are nice and they help me become a better artist and improve my artwork, and they talk to me when I am upset. I like drawing and coloring pictures, learning how to draw things better, trying new art mediums, and screen-printing my designs. When I draw something well, it makes me feel better about myself. I first became serious about making art when I started selling my artwork and I realized I could make money by making art. I want to continue to draw better and sell my art because it makes me feel good about myself. 

Sandy the Beached Mermaid

Marker on paper, matted.

16" x 20"

Lady bug's Artwork

Lady Bug

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