​​​Creative Services for Adults with Disabilities

A Program of Resources for Human Development


Tahliyeah, Tahliyeah

Permanent marker on bristol.

18" x 12" 

Wild Hair

Graphite, ink pen, oil pastel, and watercolor on cold-press watercolor paper.

11" x 14" matted.

Evan and Angie

Oil pastel on paper.

9" x 12"

Artist statement


Permanent marker, ink pen, and watercolor pastel on cold-press watercolor paper.

20" x 24" matted.

Self Portrait

Acrylic paint and marker

on canvas panel.

11" x 14" 

Self Portrait 2017

Color pencil, oil pastel, washable marker, and permanent marker on bristol.

9" x 12"

I enjoy drawing people, and I tend to focus on women figures with decorative patterned dresses. When I first came to Fine Line Studios I was inspired by the women I worked with. They were interesting and I wanted to capture them in my art. I use markers, colored pencils, and have begun to experiment with recycled materials to create my women. My artwork features bright and bold colors with a variety of details and decorations.

When people see my artwork I want them to feel happy, excited, and to feel good about themselves. I also want them to think about the strength and beauty in women. I continue to improve upon the techniques I have learned here at the studio and hope to continue to sell my art to make money.

Sandy the Beached Mermaid

Marker on paper, matted.

16" x 20"

Lady bug's Artwork

Lady Bug