Naked Cavemen

Screenprint on paper

with color pencil.

12" x 9"

meditative and calming, and their bright colors make me happy. I am really grateful that now I have a host mom who takes care of me, a good home, and friends. As a kid, my real mom was too sick to take care of me due to her mental illness, and I was raised by my grandma until I was 23. I too have mental illness but I am able to overcome it and have a good life. I want to show other people that they can overcome their challenges in life and express themselves through art like I do. 

        My current artwork focuses on portraits of celebrities and the humor in pop culture. I enjoy creating artwork about women whom I look up to as positive role models. I also like to stay informed about current events and be socially aware by watching the news and listening to public radio, in order to find inspiration for drawings and paintings. 

artist biography

Rock 'N Roll

Acrylic paint and paint marker

on canvas panel.

11" x 14" 

Terrorized By Bacon

Permanent marker and color pencil.

11" x 14"


Oil pastel on paper.

12" x 9" mounted.

The Arch

Oil pastel on paper.

9" x 12" mounted.

jessica snow

Jessica's artwork

Crab On The Beach

Color pencil, crayon, and oil pastel on paper.

20" x 16"

Quilt 1

Oil pastel on paper.

14" x 11" mounted.


Permanent marker, color pencil, ink pen, and pain marker on bristol.

12" x 9"

        I am 27 years old, St. Louis born and raised. I never really did art or knew how talented I was, until I came here to Fine Line Studios about a year ago. I love the people here and it makes me sad when people leave or stop coming here. Since starting here, I have been introduced to many art materials and techniques that I never knew existed, and it has opened up my curiosity about the possibilities within art. I like to ask questions and learn all that I can from the staff here and from my peers. I have found that I enjoy using big pencils and oil pastels, color pencils and watercolor pencils, and painting with acrylics. My goal is to make my work sellable and become a successful artist.

      I had a bad childhood, but I have been able to overcome that. I often draw houses because I moved a lot growing up, and having a stable home now is important to me. I also create large colorful quilt-like designs that are like comfort blankets to me; the process of drawing them is meditative

Quilt of Colors

Oil pastel on 6 assembled papers.

23" x 26" mounted.

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