Big Divided Heart

Acrylic, chalk pastel,  and

oil pastel on bristol paper.

24" x 20" matted.

       Hearts are my favorite things to make because they make me happy. Even when I'm not in a very good mood, I draw hearts with sad or angry faces and it makes me feel a little better. My mom taught me how to draw a heart when I was very young, and I think of her sometimes when I draw them now. I also make a lot of crosses, and I think of God when I make them and that I love Jesus, and it makes me really happy. I make hearts and crosses on paper, out of clay, out of polymer clay, and I use them in my jewelry. Jewelry with Kelly and ceramics with Angie are my favorite classes at FLS. When I'm in the mood to get messy, I like to draw with chalk and oil pastels, and paint with watercolors. I love animals, and I show that with my art by drawing big and colorful animals, and it makes my heart full and happy.

        I am a friendly and funny person, and I like to meet people and give people hugs. I want to be a successful artist, and I want people to see my artwork and be happy too. 


Pounding Heart

Oil pastel and watercolor.

16" x 20" matted.

Was exhibited in "Living Color",
a watercolor show at Soulard Art Gallery. 

artist statement

​​​Creative Services for Adults with Disabilities

A Program of Resources for Human Development

Lynn the Lion

Color pencil, chalk pastel, and watercolor pastel on cold-press watercolor paper.

16" x 20" matted.

Jen Courtois

Necklace made and modeled by Jen; 

including ceramic skull pendant,wooden beads, metal flower beads, and nylon string.

Red Bird

Acrylic and paint marker

on canvas panel.

11" x 14" 

Timmy the Cat

Oil pastel, graphite pencil, and watercolor.

15" x 18" mounted and framed.

Was exhibited in "Living Color",
a watercolor show at Soulard Art Gallery and SOLD.

Jen's Artwork

My Heart Is Pounding

Acrylic and paint marker

on canvas panel.

14" x 11"