gerald's artwork

Artist biography / statement

         I was born in 1947 and I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. I deeply love spending time with my family whenever I can, especially to celebrate holidays. I have a twin sister, who lives in another state, and I enjoy writing letters to her. I am a huge fan of old school R&B music, and I consider myself the number one die-hard fan of St. Louis's "Old School 95.5" radio station. With money from selling my artwork, I have bought myself a personal radio so I can listen to music whenever I want to at home. Listening to old school music keeps me happy and positive!

        For a long time, painting was my art medium of choice, but recently I have preferred drawing because it is less messy. I like to use bright colors and create vibrant patterns. My staff assist me by taping off sections of the canvas or paper for me, so I can make layers and shapes of different colors. I always get excited to see the final results once the tape is removed, and I then I take part in titling, photographing, and hanging up my artwork.

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gerald marr