Damian's artwork



      Creating artwork is my primary form of expression. I am physically unable to communicate aloud verbally, and I often find that using my electronic speaking device is too time consuming and frustrating. Through drawing I am able to express my love for the people in my life.
       The focus of my work is the human figure because I am by nature a friendly and social person, thriving on interaction. I am able to draw portraits of people that I know from memory, using bold lines and without color. I try to capture the personality of my friends in these portraits and display their importance to me.  I have recently shifted my focus from portraits to female nudes because I am in awe of the female body. I haven’t experienced seeing nude women in real life 

​​​Creative Services for Adults with Disabilities

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yet, but I am very curious, so I look to figure drawing books for reference and inspiration. I take my time choosing a reference image, and studying a form before translating it onto paper. When I complete a drawing, I am always proud to show it off and get feedback from my peers and mentors. I then find it satisfying to create multiples of drawings with printmaking, either by screenprinting or by carving into foam for relief printing. I like this because I can choose bold and bright printing inks and create solid and distinctive lines.
        My artwork serves as a way for me to express LOVE. I want to use my talent to show the world there is beauty in all people.