I'm originally from California, as a kid I lived in Kansas with my aunt and uncle, then I moved to St. Louis when I was 7 years old. I graduated from Northview High School at 21 years old, and now I attend FLS along with some of my high school friends. I've always liked to draw, and now I have learned to express myself with several art materials including ceramics, sewing, jewelry making, printmaking, and painting. I also enjoy writing songs, rap lyrics, singing, and recording my own music in the music studio at FLS. Creating art makes me feel talented and excited, and lets me express my feelings in several ways. I get new ideas and inspiration by visiting art museums and galleries, and seeing different materials that I didn't even know could be art. I hope to one day own my own art business, and collaborate with many more artists. 

Pretty Kitty in the Window

Graphite and color pencil.

14" x 11" matted.

artist statement

Crystal's artwork

Crystal, posing as an alien queen in art photoshoot at the St. Louis Science Center.

Sea Turtle

White stoneware clay,

oxidation fired to Cone 5.

7.5" x 8.5" 1.25" (L x W x H)

Vampire Panda

Permanent marker and oil pastel

on bristol paper.

9" x 12"

Crystal Wilmsen

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