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christa euans

Artist biography

Christa's artwork

        I was born in 1988 in St. Louis, Missouri and I have lived in and around the St. Louis area all of my life. I was raised by my parents, but my mom is in Heaven now, and I see my dad occasionally. My fondest memories from my childhood are playing with flashlights, water balloons, ribbon and yarn, brushing my really long wavy hair, and getting long fake hair from my sisters at Christmas. My best friend in elementary school was a class pet rat, named Winn-Dixie. He was all white, and he would hang out on my desk and he never wiggled around too much or bit me; he was a good stable rat. The memories from my childhood now inspire me to make art.
        I first became passionate about making art in High School. I would draw self-portraits, make really long ribbon hair for myself to wear, and clay sculptures of peppers. My current body of artwork reflects my love for mice, rats, hamsters, spicy foods, Christmas lights, and long hair. When I make art about these things it reminds me of being a kid, and being happy with my pet rat and long hair. I draw what makes me happy because I want to make other people happy too. I believe that making art and being good will help get me closer to Heaven and Jesus. To make my art look happy, I prefer to use permanent markers because they are bold and bright. I also like to sculpt clay rats and mice, as well as fabric rodents, to make new furry friends for myself and other people. I get inspiration from meeting new people, trips to PetsMart, my favorite movie “Mouse Hunt,” people with long hair, and Jesus.