Cheryl Walker
Deb Richards
Laura Large
Phil Williams
Becky Sax
Joan Hauser
Todd James
Barb Foster
Chad Shamel
Evan Holden
Stephen Day
Barb Chapman
Abbie Anderson
Sky Hanneke
Dalana Graves
Elizabeth Mayuku
Jackie Reise
Ben McDermott
Damon Hood
Ayanna Parker
Roxie Tomek
Cody Richardson
Selena Carter


Click on an artist's photo to see their art portfolio and learn more about them! 

Each artist at Fine Line Studios has their own artistic voice and when given

the opportunity to express themselves and create art in a safe and open

environment, amazing things can happen. Enjoy.

Steven Oliver
Christa Euans
Shannon White
Crystal Wilmsen
Mark Sulin
Chris Sutton
Jessie Carroll
Lady Bug
Titilola Egbedina
Mark Twele

the artists of fine line studios

Brandon Bridges
Matt Fuchs
Tish Bradford
Holly Ritter
Gerald Marr
Charles Ward
Jen Courtois
Damian Harris
Virginia Harris
Hosea Green

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