I create art about all of the things in life that make me happy. I mostly draw cats of all kinds, and the smiling faces of my family. I draw my family because they are the most important people to me in my life. My Dad has a black and white cat named Thunder, and I consider him family too. My favorite medium to use right now is combining paint markers with acrylics. I have also been experimenting with mixed media.  I also enjoy making ceramic cats, sewing cat shaped pillows, painting, screen-printing t-shirts, and hand printing drawings of cats.

        I like coming here to FLS because I have a lot of friends, and we get to go on fun outings to see art, explore the Science Center, and see animals at the zoo! Since coming here, I have exhibited my art at Pieces Bar and Cafe, Soulard Art Gallery, and St. Louis Artists' Guild.  I want to continue to show my work at art galleries around the world and to make money from the art I sell.  

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Abbie anderson

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