abbie's artwork

Abbie anderson

Catfish Meow

Permanent marker.

20" x 16" matted.

artist statement

​​​Creative Services for Adults with Disabilities

A Program of Resources for Human Development

Cats On The Lawn

Relief print and marker on paper.

20" x 16".

       I create art about all of the things in life that make me happy. I mostly draw cats of all kinds, and the smiling faces of my family. I draw my family because they are the most important people to me in my life. My Dad has a black and white cat named Thunder, and I consider him family too. I enjoy making ceramic cats, sewing cat shaped pillows, painting, screen-printing t-shirts, and hand printing drawings of cats.

        I like coming here to FLS because I have a lot of friends, and we get to go on fun outings to see art, explore the Science Center, and see animals at the zoo! 

Red Cat

Permanent marker

and watercolor.

14" x 11" matted.


Oil pastel and

watercolor pastel.

14" x 11" matted.